DMA and Video Processing Backend

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DMA and Video Processing Backend

Nitin Mahajan

I read in the document for Video Processing Backend, that "there is a set of common buffer memory and DMA controls to ensure
efficient use of the DDR2 burst bandwidth" ALSO "the shared buffer logic/memory interfaces with the DMA system via a high-bandwidth bus".

I also saw in the demo application display.c file that the function Rszcopy_execute() is used to copy the frame to framebuffer.

I would like to clearly understand that how the VPBE can make use of DMA functionality? Is it the resizer which would take care of this ? Does the resizer internally uses one of the EDMA channels?

What does it mean by the statement "The DM644x VPBE module is a DMA master" ?

Can some one help me clarify my concepts?



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